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Your Healthy Body is a multidisciplinary clinic consisting of a GP, Dietician/Diabetes Educator and Nurse that specialises in a holistic approach to weight loss.  Our Practitioners are all very experienced and passionate about delivering compassionate and high level health care to our patients to help them achieve their weight loss and other health goals.

The clinics main goal is to help patients begin their weight-loss journey and through a multidisciplinary approach, keep the weight off.

The clinic also focusses on diabetes – whether it’s a new diagnosis or long-standing, healthy aging and metabolic conditions e.g fatty liver disease and also specialises in weight gain associated with menopause.

We are here ready to help you.

How did Your Healthy Body evolve

6 years ago, Dr Caetlin Jopson and Leyanne Duncan initiated the idea of starting a high quality multidisciplinary team to provide best practice for looking after patients with diabetes.

“We started with one patient, running one clinic once a month.  We saw a huge need to manage patients struggling with their weight. As such, the clinic transitioned to a weight loss clinic with the vision of delivering high quality comprehensive and holistic care.  

Our own journey in the past 6 years has involved an increased understanding of the complexities of weight management and achieving good health.”

Caetlin and Leyanne understand that it is not a case of eating less and moving more–weight management is much more than focussing on the scales.  Caetlin and Leyanne provide individualised care to their patients with a broad focus and specialise in treating patients for type 2 diabetes, weight management, healthy ageing, menopause as well as identifying individual barriers to weight loss.  The clinic is now called Your Healthy Body clinic (YHB).

This team has now grown to include a registered nurse, two General Practitioners and two dietitians/diabetes educators and a counsellor to provide comprehensive holistic care.  Dr Terri-Lynne South and Janelle Longmire have joined us, while Patricia Boucher has joined us as a counsellor.

No referral is required for this specialised clinic. If any of these health conditions are areas you would like some assistance with consider booking into YHB.

Your Healthy Body



Healthy ageing






Weight management


PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)


Dr Caetlin Jopson

Dr. Caetlin Jopson

Dr Caetlin Jopson has been a doctor for over 30 years having trained at Sydney University and has also completed a Diploma in Tropical Medicine, a Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and FRACGP.

Since 2017 Caetlin has been involved in and currently runs a Multidisciplinary Diabetes and Weight Management Clinic in General Practice alongside Leanne Duncan (Dietitian) and Nurse Andrew.  Caetlin has also done scope training (specialised global training in obesity) as well as being one of the first cohort of Horizon mentees (Australia wide obesity training).

Leyanne Duncan

Leyanne Duncan (Dietitian)

Leyanne is an accredited practicing Dietitian and credentialed Diabetes Educator.  She has over 28 years’ experience in both the public and private health system.

Leyanne specializes in weight management, diabetes and gut disorders and holds qualifications as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE), Registered Nurse (RN) and is currently completing her Masters in Nurse Practitioner.

The main goal of Leyanne’s practice is partnering with patients to assist them reaching their goals and working with holistic individualized care.

Patricia Boucher

Patricia Boucher (Counsellor)

Patricia offers counselling services using evidence -based therapies for a wide range issues ( including grief, anxiety, trauma , self-care for parents an relationships issues) including lifestyle counselling for Your Healthy Body patients with a metabolic disease. 

From accepting a diagnosis to making the necessary lifestyle changes. Establishing the body and mind connection with a particular focus on sleep, breathing, relaxation techniques and mindfulness. 

Patricia is also soon to be an Oxygen Advantage functional breathing instructor and teaches tools to use in all areas of life. 

Patricia was born in France and has lived in Scotland and Indonesia and in Australia since 2010.

Dr. Terri –Lynne South (GPwSI)

Dr Terri-Lynne has over 25 years’ experience as a healthcare practitioner. She has been working as a General Practitioner for the last 15 years and prior to this worked as an Accredited Practising Dietitian (metabolic health – heart disease, fatty liver, PCOS, obesity and diabetes).

Dr Terri-Lynne has always had a special interest in health conditions associated with excess weight. She believes obesity is a chronic complex medical condition and should be managed as such.

Dr Terri-Lynne understands excess body weight has many causes, contributors, influences, impacts, risk factors, complications, and management options. She wishes to reduce the medical bias, stigma and discrimination people who live in a larger body often feel.

From 2021, Dr Terri-Lynne moved to a full-time focus on obesity and metabolic health, which grants her the time and commitment to further her life-long passion. She is a member of many health professional metabolic health and obesity special interest groups, attends national and international conferences and is involvement in research and innovative care.

Terri-Lynne is a warm and compassionate health professional who has extensive personal and professional experience of managing complex chronic metabolic health conditions.

She believes there is great power and results for patients when part of a well-functioning multi-disciplinary team such as the YHB ( Your Healthy Body ) and looks forward to meeting you.

Janelle Longmire

Janelle Longmire (Dietitian)

Janelle is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who graduated in 1998 and has worked in both the public and private sector in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is also a Credentialled Diabetes Educator.

Janelle understands how busy life is, and how it can be challenging to meet your health needs. Janelle works with you to achieve realistic goals so that you feel your best through good food and a healthy lifestyle.

Janelle does not believe in restrictive diets instead supports sustainable habits, lifestyle change and a healthy relationship with food. She understands everyone’s journey is different but strives to get the best outcome for all.


Maddie (Your Healthy Body Nurse)

A quick overview of the Your Healthy Body Clinic

Where is it?

Held onsite at Radius Medical Centre. We operate weekly on a Wednesday from as early as 8:30am until 2:30pm. We also run a fortnightly Clinic on a Friday from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

What is it for?

The YHB clinic is a weight-loss orientated clinic run by our practitioners. Its main goal is to help patients through a multidisciplinary approach to begin their weight-loss and health journey and to keep the weight off. The clinic also specializes in diabetes, whether long-term management or recent diagnosis, as well as healthy ageing.

Who are the practitioners?

Dietitians: Leyanne Duncan (WED) and Janelle Longmire (FRI)

General Practitioners with special interest in metabolic health: Dr Caetlin Jopson (WED) and Dr Terri-Lynne South (FRI).

How does it work?

We recommend allowing up to 1.5 hours in the clinic for your first few appointments. The YHB Clinic is a 3-stage process, involving a Nurse, Dietitian and General Practitioner.

Upon arrival, you will have a quick visit with the Practice Nurse, who will take your measurements of weight, blood pressure and other relevant health items.

Then, you will see the Dietitian/Diabetes Educator, Leyanne Duncan or Janelle Longmire who will discuss your progress/goals and your current habits. Be assured that the Dietitian/Diabetes Educator also consults with the General Practitioner to ensure any medications required are the most appropriate for your situation.

Finally, you will see the General Practitioner, Dr Caetlin Jopson or Dr Terri-Lynne South who will draw on all the information gathered from the Nurse and Dietitian/Diabetic Educator to make a considered assessment of your condition and make any further recommendations as to your wellbeing.


Can’t Make Your Appointment?

Be sure to let us know at least 2 hours before your scheduled appointment time to avoid the $50 missed appointment fee or late cancellation fee.

How often do I need to have an appointment?

The GP/ Dietitian will let you know at your appointment when they would like to see you next, this varies from person to person so be sure to book your next appointment as soon as you need so that you don’t miss out!

I need a script refilled or have a quick question what do I do?

You can book a telehealth appointment with just the GP for any script enquiries. Email any questions through to reception and we will determine with the practitioners if an appointment is needed to discuss it further with you.

Contact Us

Phone:   07 3264 6090


Address: Radius Medical Centre

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Do I need a referral?

It definitely doesn’t hurt to have one, especially if…

  • You are under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs; you may be able to secure a referral from your GP.
  • You have chronic conditions; you may also be able to secure a referral from your GP called a GP Management Plan/Team Care Arrangement.
  • Or if a specialist has referred you, e.g. endocrinologist, gastroenterologist.
  • You have complex medical history/ongoing conditions.

You may be eligible for Medicare rebates on dietitian sessions under an Enhanced primary care plan or eating disorder plan – ask you GP about your eligibility. Dietitian services can also be claimed on private health if your level of cover offers it.

What about the costs?

Further information can be accessed by asking our friendly Radius staff in the Specialist Centre for more details.

Cost overview:

General Practitioner – Medicare Rebates Available

1st consult


2nd consult


Short Review


Long Review



1st consult


2nd consult


Short Review


Long Review


How to book?

Give the reception team a call on #3264 6090 during business hours or book onsite after your GP appointment.

Please contact Reception on 3264 6090 to discuss fees

Phone No. 3264 6090

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You can book your next appointment at Radius Medical online 24/7.